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Electrical & Electronic Parts

  • Blue tooth earphone

    Sports type blue tooth earphone

    G.T Telecom Co., Ltd
    52-gil, In-dong, Gumi City, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea (Building A and B in Gupyung-dong)
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  • LED Streetlight, Security Light, Floodlight, Factory Light

    - For replacement 200~400 W (Pole 8 m ~12m) - Cut-off type reflector Street light & External converter - LED chip & converter: Philips - Luminous efficiency : 100 lm/W - CCT : 5,000 K - IP Grade : 66 - Warranty: 5 years - Unique design & Al heat sink

    183,2saneopdanji 2-gil,Waegwan-eup,Chilgok-gun,Gyeongsangbuk-do
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  • TV & Audui Speaker

    Emsonic Co., Ltd. has been developing and producing TV speakers and audio sound system speakers. Our business principle is to realize customer surprise by satisfying customer needson the basis of world best quality through quality innovation. All our executives and staff members are doing our best in order to maintain world top quality while ensuring initial quality,quality stabilization, core technology, perfect quality, global quality competitiveness, open mind and positive participation. Emsonic Co., Ltd. makes it a rule to practice the following policies in order to ensure harmonization of environment and production activities,and environment preservation activities through all the company activities: The company observes international environment regulations (ROHS). The company observes environment-related laws and regulations and strives for improvement of environment management levels. The company tries hard to utilize energy and resources effectively and treat properly and reduce waste. The company improves environment preservation spirit of individual employees through environment education for all employees.

    emsonic co.ltd
    571,Bongsan-ri, Sangdong-myeon,Guni -City,Gyeong-Buk, Korea
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  • LED lamps

    Possessed the excellent price competitiveness with unique design and high quality LED illumination differentiated with other companies. The optimal illumination presentation which meets the user's purpose of space using is available through controlling the color tone and color temperature near to the natural light.

    Micro High Tech Co., Ltd
    23B 2L, the 4th National Complex of Gumi, Gupo-dong, Gumi City, Gyeongbuk, Korea
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  • Air steam type high pressure and high temperature sterilizer for cooking

    It is an air steam type high pressure and high temperature sterilizer for cooking which is structured to reduce the unnecessary space owing to changing from conventional circular type to the squared chamber type. A mechanical equipment to cook and sterilize (Disinfect) the retort food by the patented even heating and cooling type through spraying the air and cooling water

    Mirae Indus Co., Ltd
    321-11 Gongdan-dong, Gumi City, Gyeongbuk
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  • TFT - LCD Glass Slimming

    Spray-down style with original patent. A mechanical device which improves the performance of the final product (iPad and Galaxy) and completes the slimness by making thin LCD for the mobile product.

    Econy Co., Ltd
    170-4, Simi-dong, Gumi City Gyeongbuk, Korea (National industrial complex 3, Gumi)
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  • WiWi

    The new WiWi digital spread spectrum(DSS) wireless audio solution is the first portable 2-way simultaneous audio communication solution using the 2.4GHz RF(Radio Frequency) Band. WiWi provides various, high-quality and robust audio communication services over safely secured wireless personal area networks.

    Seyoung Information & Telecommunications
    298-2, Gongdan-dong, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
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  • Battery

    Strong performance for digital appliances. Bexel produces a full range of batteries and battery packs including Alkaline, Manganese, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, and Li-Ion Battery. There are also Industrial Battery Packs, and Military Battery Packs. Mercury and Cadium free, Eco-friendly products.

    BEXEL Co., Ltd
    +82-54- 463-4721
    261-1 Gongdan-dong, Gumi-si, Gyeongbuk, 730-904, South Korea.
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