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Machinery Manufacturing

  • Smart safety helmet

    A product for immediate response and safety protection against the accidents by overcoming the spatial restrictions through changing the screen image/voice/sensor/anthropometric data with safety module and via LTE against the emergencies to be occurred from industrial sites

    Suntech Co., Ltd
    139-42 Cheomdanggieup 5-ro Sandong-myeon, Gumi City, Gyeongbuk Province, Korea(Shindang-ri)
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  • Production automation facility by using industrial robot.

    Automation system using 6 axis vertical multi joint robot We sell Korean made robot earlier than other competitors. In result, our market share is over 70%. It is connected to the export project to China and Europe.

    World Eng Co., Ltd
    62-22 Kyunghochundong-gil, Yakmok-myeon, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk Province, Korea
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  • Welding robot automation facility

    An assembly line for car body parts of automobile. Cutting edge welding facility system realized with integrated production and factory automation by enabling the automatic convey and welding of tens of parts through robot handling. Promote the rationalizing the development process and quality improvement though making module and automatic inspection (SPC) on the conventional assembly line.

    Shindok Co., Ltd
    83 Sungju Industrial Complex Road 5-gil, Sungju-eup, Sungju-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
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  • Oil cooler of precision control

    Liquid temperature controlling function in high precision for wide range from minimum to maximum depending on the load quantity (Precision of ±0.1℃ in stabilized condition) Improved durability by minimizing the ON/OFF frequency in freezer owing to the consistent control method of gas bypass

    Samik Mechatronics Co., Ltd
    5 Jain Gongdan-ro, Jain-myeon, Gyeongsan City, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
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  • Thin film coating equipment and film coating

    · (High transmission tempered glass)ITO Coating for Touch Panel · ITO Coating for STN, ITO Coating for PDP · Solarcell substrate and electrode Coating, Low-e Coating

    Sukwon Co., Ltd
    Chumdan Kieob 5 Ro 78-32, Sandong Myun, Kumi City, Kyungbuk Do.
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  • Electric kiln

    AK Kiln series is the kiln upgrade from existing DK series (kilns for reduction / oxidation), in which existing kilns for reduction / oxidation should have its fire opening opened and closed repeatedly to conduct reduction at 300℃, 850℃, 1250℃ and you can’t get the color you want unless you don’t conduct reduction at the point of temperature at which you should do.

    STI Co., Ltd
    Sanho Daero 104-75, Kumi City, Kyungbuk Do
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  • Multi coater

    It is the complex structured multi coater which has the performance of 4 lines with a single independent line developed firstly in the world. It prevents the defects from scratching as it is structured for direct input to the drying furnace. It has advantages of energy saving and shortened distance between facilities.

    Protem Co., Ltd
    20 Sanhodae-ro, Gumi City, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
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  • Pump

    -Standardized design applicable for the KS s1 -Rich flux with high efficiency and low power -Compatibility of high quality, outstanding design, s1ization and components

    Green Tech Co., Ltd.
    (572-2) dowonri Bongyangmyeon Uiseong Gyeongbuk Korea
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  • Aluminum and other profiles

    Profiles such as the aluminum bar and frame for industrial purpose

    Kyunghan Co., Ltd
    1208-11 Shinsang-ri, Jinyang-eup, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongbuk, Korea
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  • Needle Punching machine

    Plastic Finger is mounted to Inlet Roller. Regardless of thickness of WEB which is moved out from Lapper, it moves smoothly into the realm of Pre-Punching M/C Needling. Regardless of process speed from light weight's WEB until heavy weight's WEB, this machine moves smoothly. Although WEB's overlapping, there are no break down of the needles.

    SamHwa Machinery Co.
    312-2, hadea-ri,namsan-myeon,Gyongsan-si,Gyeongsangbuk-do,Korea
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  • Concrete Polishing Systems

    The POLISYS introduces ride-on machines suitable for both small and large surfaces. Our remote control system makes the wangsung-dong, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

    Sungsim Co., Ltd.
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  • Multi-coating machine

    Our Multi Coating Chamber is a high vacuum device for the production of glass, metal, plastic materials to be used in metal film, insulating film, semiconductor film, Optical thin film for multilayer coatings.

    304-2, Yoowal-ri, Walhang-myeon, Sungju-kun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
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  • Grain Color Sorter

    Our cutting edge CCD camera sort discolored rice, chalky grains, glass and plastic chips simultaneously. Beans, red-beans, black-beans mung-beans and many kinds of grain can be sorted

    DAEWON GSI Co., Ltd.
    +82-54- 973-2221
    990-2 Geumsan-ri, Weagwan-eup, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea.
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  • Coil Line System

    Our goal is to encourage the use of steel coils, an essential industrial material in most industries(e.g. car and shipping industry, heavy industry, and plant). dhim supplies and manufactures steel coils in various sizes by planning the steel cutting and shearing process, the steel coil based-on customer's demand.

    +82-54- 979-3000
    676-1, Naksan-ri, Waegwan-eup, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea.
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  • Industrial Plants Equipments

    KS Industry designs and builds high quality steel manufacturing facilities as well petrochemical and power plants

    3F Anheung Bldg., 84-7 Songpa-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul
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