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About Pride

Summary of Promotion Program

  • Project of fostering small and
    medium-sized enterprises in
    Gyeongbuk to global businesses
  • Selection of the best goods
    produced by small and medium-
    sized enterprises to demonstrate
    new technology and pride of
  • Preparation of growth engine
    through enhancement of
    exports by small and
    medium-sized enterprises in
    the Province
  • Contribution to vitalization of
    regional economy through
    invigoration of small and
    medium-sized enterprises in

Purpose of establishing the Center for Gyeongbuk Pride Products & Services

  • Support for Works related to Overseas marketing and Opening new overseas markets for GPPS
  • Promotion of GPPS as the real excellent products on a global basis through Programs for Close-to-site and customized support
  • Support for Analyzing circumstances of Global target markets through Own overseas network
  • Support for ties with Gyeongbuk Provincial Government and Other concerned authorities
  • Support for Reinforcing competence of manpower through Education of Executives and staff of Selected companies
  • Expectation for Vitalization of regional economy through Continuous growth, Creation of employment and Income increase by Exports
Program Name
2017 Gyeongbuk GPPS Promotion Program
During 2017
Companies producing Gyeongbuk GPPS as of 2017
22 Programs in 3 Areas (including 5 new programs)
PR(Public Relations) / E(Education) / S(Tailored support)
  • PR
    (Public Relations)
    5 Programs
  • E
    4 Programs
  • S
    13 Programs


(5 programs)

  • Establishment and operation of Consolidated system for E-biz
  • Support for SNS Marketing
  • Support for PR, home and abroad
  • Publication of The CEO Gyeongbuk Magazine
  • Advertisement on Search Engines internationally known
  • B2B

(4 programs)

  • Operation of Biz Concert
  • Support for Video education of English
  • Operation of Video conference system
  • Education for improvement of competence on working level
  • Support for Consulting by each category
  • Working-level talks by the selected companies

(13 programs)

  • Support for coordinating R&D
  • Support for ties between small and medium-sized enterprises and
    their concerned authorities
  • Support for nominating World Class 300
  • Support for tailored PR materials
  • Atypical supports
  • Expert committee for Innovation of small hidden champion companies
  • Tailored coordination for the selected companies Support for Global briefing
  • In-depth survey of overseas market
  • Support for overseas business travel
  • Support for participation in overseas exhibitions
  • Operation of Design supporters group
  • Production of 3D video clip for PR
  • Support for photos of products
  • Support for interpretation and translation

Implementation Strategy and Area of Support

Strategy of PRES

  • PR
    Public Relations
  • E
  • S

Basic Area of Support

Gyeonbuk GPPS
Support Center
  • Analysis & Survey of
    Overseas Target Market
  • Support for links
    with Concerned
  • Reinforcement
    of Infra for PR
  • Support for Opening
    New Overseas Market
  • Support with Consulting
    by category
  • Support for R&D

Expected Effect

  • Securing customized
    support system
  • Promotion of Global
    hidden champion
  • Efficient support for
    business activities
  • Reinforcement of
    growth engine

Securing customized support system

Possibility of establishing customized support system reflecting the needs from the enterprises selected for Gyeongbuk GPPS

Promotion of Global hidden champion companies

Promotion of global hidden champion companies focusing on improvement of industrial structure for strengthening competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, avoiding one-sided policy of support led by government

Efficient support for business activities

Intensive support through ties of businesses with Gyeongbuk Provincial Government and related authorities, and support for accomplishment of result

Reinforcement of growth engine

Securing growth engine for the future and predominance in competition through strengthening of growth engine and continuous innovation by the enterprise on its own by this Program

Result of Gyeongbuk GPPS Program (as of October 2014)

Annual sales of the selected companies (Unit: KRW 100 million)

Yearly sales of the selected companies (Unit: Million US$)

Sales in 2013: K.Won 1 trillion and 247.5 billion(12%), Export amount: IS$ 487 million(15%)
"Rate of increase in 2014 is expected to be higher."